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About me

Welcome to my online portfolio. In this place I gather all the creative projects I've worked on.  It can be a bit eclectic, but that's part of the fun.

I studied  Game Design at the Utrecht  School of Arts and Audio Visual Design at St. Joost Art School before that. Since then I've branched off in different directions. I've worked at a  Dutch broadcasting company   and I've been active as a teacher and   a freelance designer doing various media-related jobs. I've. also co-authored a few books.

For a complete overview you  can  check out my curriculum vitae (in Dutch at the moment).


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Since I was a child I like d to draw. My grandfather was my first teacher.  I keep developing new styles and techniques. Recently I started a collaboration with  to develop a new line of wall decorations.


I've been involved with several educational projects, One of which was When the organisation was approached to write a book about the  new Scratch 2.0 I took up the challenge. The book can be purchased from Packt Publishing.

3D design

My education in game design involved  some 3D design, but it has always been on the backburner. Recently I've started revisiting this part of digital media to improve my skills.

The first practical result is a  technical demonstration video I made fot The Living Village project.

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